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            Our "E" litter is expected around the end of March 2016! Reservations accceped!


            June 26, 2015 - Blueridge Vista Pumi Kennel "D" litter was born. We have 3 boys and 2 girls!


            August  2, 2014 - Blueridge Vista Pumi Kennel "C" litter whelped. We have 4 boys and 3 girls!

             February 17, 2012 - At the Carolina Foothills Cluster show in Greenville, SC  our Tisza (Blueridge Vista Apróka) went BOB over her mom,

            Szikra, and won Best In  Miscellaneous!


            January 26, 2012  – Blueridge Vista Pumi “A” litter is 6 months old. Happy Birthday!                 

January 20 - 22, 2011  – Tisza and Apród go to agility show in Asheville to watch daddy show. They were a real crowd pleaser.                                                             

January 15, 2012 – Tisza, and brother, Apród go herding again.

December 14 -18, 2011 -  Tisza and daddy Asztró had a great trip by car to Orlando. Tisza is cared for by a friend at Meet the Breeds and the Judge's seminar, while I'm in  agility with daddy Asztró. Asztró did very well in agility ranking 77 out of 130 16” dogs  for our first big show. Mom Szikra had to stay home as she  was in season, even though she and  Asztró qualified for conformation.

November 19, 2011 - Asztró earns a QQ at Concord, NC agility show with 23 MACH points. Our puppy, Tisza, went along for the four days and was a big hit. First time she  stayed in a motel. This was training for her trip to Florida for the AKC/ Eukanuba Invitational where she will spend the week end at the Meet the Breed Pumi booth.

October 19, 2011 -  3 puppies go herding with daddy and Asztró. Mmmm, sheep poop!                                                                                                                                                                                

           October 8, 2011 – took remaining 3 puppies to “Any and All Dog Show” . They had a great time.

           October 1, 2011 – fourth puppy went home to MA to be a therapy dog at Hospice.

          September 24, 2011 – two more puppies went home to NJ and CT to pursue agility.



 September 23,  2011  first puppy went home to MN to be an agility dog , conformation and tracking. Who knows what else? I miss him terribly. All puppies got their first   chiropractic  adjustment  today from Dr. Kris, who came to the house.


            August 24, 2011  -    The puppies are 4 weeks old and they spent some playtime outdoors for the first time.



            August 19, 2011                                                              "A" litter  and  Asztró  update

Puppies are growing fast and in addition to nursing are now on solid food. They interact with each other and are starting to bark and even growl.. They play with their toys especially loving their cat crinkle tunnel.. They like their daily brushing. They have had their nails trimmed 3 times already; some more cooperative than others.

Asztró received his invitation to participate in the AKC Agility Invitational (December 17 & 18 in Orlando, FL)


         August 8, 2011                                                                Asztró is invited to the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship


Asztró just got the official invitation to participate in the  AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in Orlando, Florida. The show is held on December 17 and 18 2011.


        July 31, 2011                                                                             Asztró earned his CM (Certificate of Merit)

 At the Hendersonville Kennel Club show in Greenville  SC, Asztró won Best In Miscellaneous Class.


       July 27 , 2011                                                                            Our “A” litter was whelped on July 26, 2011


Our “A” litter was whelped during the early morning hours of  July 26, 2011.  It was a fast and easy whelping.  Mom Szikra is doing great and learned to be a good mom in no time.  We have 7 fat and sassy (black as of now) puppies. Szikra and Asztró are the proud parents of three girls and four boys.


Photos will be updated as often as possible and will be posted on the “Puppies” page.



       May 1,  2011                                                                Pumifest 2011

We hosted the Pumi National, Pumifest 2011 in April. The weather cooperated and we had a wonderful time.  New friends were made and old acquaintances renewed. Dogs came from across the country and even from the Bahamas

On Friday, at our house,13 dogs were groomed by HPCA President Chris Levy,  in preparation for Saturday’s show.  While  grooming continued, Nancy  helped people  and dogs play in the agility ring,  and the kitchen turned into Food Network’s “Dinner Impossible” Meir, Tom and Laszlo, cooked the wonderful Hungarian meal; prepared all day  and eagerly  devoured at our house, Friday evening, with 16 dogs quietly milling about the house, all under perfect control and not a morsel of food stolen. 

Saturday, the show was a exciting and fun with two great judges loving our breed. Lunch and the OFA CHIC blood draw followed. The afternoon ended with a wonderful PowerPoint presentation on the Pumi, by Chris.

Saturday evening, the banquet at the Red Fox Country Club, in Tryon, NC was a great time to let our hair down after the long day. The Rescue auction was awesome!

Sunday dawned beautifully making our AKC licensed herding test a great success. It was amazing to see  so many Pumik  really turned on to the sheep! After all, that’s what they are supposed to do, right?

Next year, Pumifest will be in Oregon.