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The Pumi


The Pumi

The Pumi is a Hungarian dog derived from the ancestral Puli in the 17th -18th century. It is primarily a herding dog, used for herding sheep, cattle, and it’s one of the very few herding breeds capable of herding swine. It is also an excellent guard dog, and protector of its family. Males and females range between 15 1/2” to 18 1/2” and weigh between 23-29 1bs. They have a very high trainability level and excel in agility, freestyle, obedience, flyball and, of course, herding. The Pumi is a non-shedding breed with a soft undercoat and a coarse top coat that forms its characteristic twists or curls. It needs to be combed every couple of weeks and trimmed occasionally with a scissors. Clippers are not used to trim the Pumi as they ruin the coat texture. Dirt falls off the coat, so baths are not needed very often. The Pumi may be any solid color from jet black to pure white with grays being the most common. The colors may be shaded with black All grays (charcoal to silver gray) are born black and can take two years to attain their final color. The Pumi’s semi-erect ears are their trade mark characteristic, giving them their whimsical look , matching their fun loving personality, although they can be very serious as well. .Click here to see the Pumi description and breed standard on the AKC website.


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